Respecting these policies and rules ensures all visitors will have a safe and enjoyable experience at Pinantan Lake Resort.

REGISTRATION is required by all Visitors and guests. We must have a head count for who is on site at all times for safety and security.

CHECK IN time is 3:00 pm – CHECK OUT time is 11:00 am. Please be considerate and observe check in/out times – we likely have another guest arriving. No check ins after 10 pm unless prior arrangements have been made. Late check in charge of $20 will apply. Late check out charges will apply. All reservations require a Visa or Mastercard deposit.

• Guests are responsible for the actions of their visitors and visitors cannot bring pets..

Large cabins: Comfortably sleep 4 adults. We can accommodate families of up to 6 in one cabin. There are not six beds in the cabin. If you have more people, then you needed to book more cabins.

Small cabins: Comfortably sleep 3 adults or a family of 4.

All cabins subject to a $150 cleaning fee if left uncleaned. Dishes are to be washed and put away or a $25 dish cleaning fee will apply.

CAMPSITES: Management reserves the right to restrict the number of people, tents or RVs on any given site. No check in to RV park after dark.


• Please drive cautiously and OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT of 10 km/h. This rule is for safety and to keep down the dust.

• All vehicles must stay on designated roadways so as not to damage land or vegetation or disturb wildlife.

• FISHING LICENSES: fishers must obtain and carry a BC Fresh Water Sport Fishing License available on-line at



• Owners must have full control of their pets at all times and clean up after them. We don’t want to scoop the poop!

• All dogs on the property must be on a leash, no longer than 6’.

• Dogs must not be left unattended. Please keep your dog quiet and avoid chronic barking.

• Do not allow your pet to dig holes on resort property.

• Aggressive dogs are forbidden.

CAMPERS / RV’ers: Pouring waste water on open ground or in sump holes dug beneath trailers is prohibited. Please clean up any garbage from your site. Cleaning charges will apply if you do not.

SEPTIC: Please do not put non-septic friendly items down the toilet. Toilet paper is septic friendly –paper towel is not.

Feminine hygiene products are not.


• Do not put cans, bottles, plastic, food or rocks in communal fire pit. Only wood and nothing else please.


• Use of fireworks or other explosives are prohibited on resort property, without the explicit permission of the resort Management.

• Barbecues are permitted but must not be left unattended.

SMOKING BAN: There is a no smoking policy for inside the cabins. A $150.00 fine/cleaning fee will be charged to Visitors who chose to disobey the non-smoking policy.


• Cabins 1-4 and Bull Moose:  -no more than 6 persons are allowed per cabin. There are not six beds in a cabin – this is a maximum number designed to accommodate families. If booking for six singles, you will need more than one cabin.

Cabins 5,6 and 7-no more than 4 persons are allowed per cabin.

CAMPSITES - A maximum of 4 persons are allowed per campsite, unless they are all members of a single family unit and kids are under 16.

• Any DAMAGE or THEFT from Pinantan Lake Resort, its cabins, campsites or boats will be charged directly to your credit card. Excess cleaning charges will apply if garbage left behind and not placed in receptacles provided.

ENVIRONMENT: To protect the natural beauty of our resort, please do not remove or destroy any plants, fossils or rocks. NO CUTTING OF TREES OR BUSHES.

Prevent pollution. Keep garbage, litter and foreign substances out of lakes, streams, and other water.

All day visitors must stop and register at the office and pay a fee of $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child under 16 or it will be added directly to your account. Day visitors must not bring pets.

We run a family resort catering to families with young children and foul langage will not be tolerated. 

Management reserves the right to refuse service. Any offence of the above, or other, which disrupts peace, safety or enjoyment of persons at the Resort, may result in the offender being asked to leave without refund. There are fines for choosing to ignore any of the Resort Policies and Rules.

Brad and Holly Watson
Pinantan Lake Resort